Kaspar, (english)


Kaspår, stage name of the musician and composer Yérri-Gaspar Hummel, is preparing an album release followed by a concert tour around which he brings together figures of contemporary musical creation such as Christine Ott, Olivier Maurel and Ambi Subramaniam as well as visual artist Lucas Lejeune.

Kaspår’s experience in the field of electronic music and DJing, which he has been exploring for almost twenty years, and the eclecticism of his musical collaborators results in a varied and dynamic musical content. His expertise in spatialization (music broadcast in space through a specific system of speakers) and its alliance with visual artists promises for the viewer the discovery of a new facet of a show with variable dimensions , reflecting the setting in abyss of the multimedia dialogue.

The custom-made cover by Tomi Ungerer already gives an idea of ​​the atmosphere of the project: a thunderous electronic music as well as subtle, combining instrumental play, and sonic and visual manipulations, without forgetting an essential touch of humor and good mood …

The release of the album and the tour are planned for 2020/2021

booking: hello@ygh.fr

Kaspår by Tomi Ungerer
Défiler vers le haut